Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Lame Things

1. I wish I could bring my dog to work.
2. There is an airplane bottle of vodka in my purse that has been there since the last University of Tennessee football home game... which was October 21. I guess I am always prepared.
3. I am way over the snow... and we received a whooping 1.5". Maybe that much. I am way over the cold. I seriously looked at the prices of flights to the Keys this morning.
4. All I do is tell the one person that reads this thing about the random things I think to myself. Its definitely nothing earth shattering.
5. I don't want to watch Avatar.
6. I don't like Tim Tebow. And, yes, I feel bad about it. Its not necessarily related to the fact that I am a UT fan.
7. I miss riding horses a whole lot.
8. I think I want to live on a ranch.
9. Valentine's Day is a mere month and some days away... the last 3 years my husband (Husband one year, fiance one year, boyfriend one year... all the same guy), has signed up for overtime... Because "No one had signed up for it yet.".... hmm, wonder why. I didn't make a big deal out of it last year. Even though, I reminded him that it would be cool if he didn't do that before he signed up for it. This year, I don't really care either way, but I am keeping my mouth shut to see what he does and if he remembers what the 14th of February is. Its now a funny joke to myself.
10. Pilates makes your abs hurt.


Sarah said...

I love the random.

I'm over the cold too. I hate snow. I hate anything less than 75 degrees.

My mom and I were out shopping last week and she was groaning over Valentine's Day coming up. (she's single) I told her that even married folks aren't a van of VD (the holiday, not the disease). It's true. I don't like Valentine's Day. Blech.

Anonymous said...

I hate Valentine's Day. Inevitably, the douchebag I happen to be dating at the moment always forgets! At least Darren is definitely not a douchebag. :)