Friday, January 22, 2010

Halloween in Review

I realize that his post is either 3 months late or 9 months early, but whatever... thats how I roll. The Hubs and I always try to come up with really great costumes.
This was our first Halloween together. Jason Witten and a cheerleader... pretty stinkin' original. Its actually a miracle that there wasn't another Cowboys player and cheerleader. I did make my costume so that is what I am proud of here. Note: He actually wanted to be Troy Aiken because thats his man crush.
Halloween number 2: We were Dog and Beth Bounty Hunter... I dont know their real last name. We had way too much fun with this costume. Seriously, it was great.
The next halloween, we were actually in NYC. I was there to work. The hubs was there to play.
But, don't worry, we made up for no costume the next year. When we were Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons from their workout videos! We only got slightly into this costume... as you can tell from our expressions in this picture.
To be honest, I struggled to come up with something this past Halloween. We were really busy and had just gotten back from NYC again (work for me, play for him). But, we were H1N1/the swine flu. Actually, he was Swine and I was Flu.

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Sarah said...

My husband would never IN HIS LIFE wear costumes. Those are so fun!