Thursday, December 3, 2009

Listed Random Thoughts

- We are an office of 8. We have a Christmas dinner... its a nice thought, but really, I'd like to just go home. And then bed. I've spent all day with you people, 3 more hours and we have spent 12 hours together. On a Thursday night. Ugh.

- There is a trial going on in my town. A group of 3 men and a woman carjacked, raped and tortured a young couple. The first guy got life without parole, the second got the death penalty. The third trial started Monday. I can't seem to wrap my head around how these 3 men and one woman got to this place where doing something like that was ok and how shocked by this I am. So, I have been thinking... if I were to witness something illegal happening, what would shock me? A drug deal? Truthfully, probably not. A carjacking? Probably. Are people becoming causeous and are wrong things loosing their shock value?

- Historically, December is our slow month... I need it not to be. Although, November was brutal. I worked lots of extra hours.

- I have read about 5 blogs regarding the Stay at home mom vs. the working mom. MAN! Is that a touchy topic in the blogworld! Maybe moms (possibly Dad's) become defensive because they see the opposing team as not fulfilling some role. Truth is I admire working moms who go above and beyond to go to their children's programs, etc.... however, staying at home with a 3 year old would wear my brain out!!! Maybe stay at home moms feel frustrated because they would love to have 8 hours to think at work without the "" And, maybe working moms feel frustrated because they have yet again missed another milestone of their precious baby. Either way is tough... I admire both sides equally. Seriously. I promise to never look down on the opposing side. I would love, love, love to be a stay at home mom and see my babies grow up everday, but then again, my husband would probably love to see his babies grow up everyday, too. (I think this counts more as a tangent than a thought).

- I will never ever read or watch a Twilight movie or book. Ever.

- I hate the grocery store.

- I spent less than 20 minutes in Victoria's Secret the other day. Tried on two bras and bought them both. Nothing short of a holiday miracle.

- There was a Santa on the main street near my house on Tuesday night. I had my window open because I was riding with a pregnant woman and she was hot. And, Santa was talking about the bottle of gin he couldn't wait to buy at the liquor store across the street. Lovely, Santa.

- I am the definition of a slacker when it comes to blogging... seriously, check the dates on my previous 5 posts.

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