Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where to Sacrifice

Lets say... theorectically speaking, of course... that you can not sleep when your husband or significant other are not home. And, he has a job that some times requires him to work rediculous hours. And, he didn't get home until 5:30 AM today (from yesterdays work day that started at 8 AM). And, you have a dog... that some times will refuse to go to the bathroom when there are loud noises... such as thunder. And, there was thunder last night so he wouldn't go. And, then at 2 AM he decides he really has to go... NOW! And, then at 5:45 when your husband finally climbs in bed and you think to yourself... "ahh, 15 minutes of sleep til the alarm goes off".... the dog starts making the gotta puke noise.

Aside from that but related when it comes to which to sacrifice to take; you have started working out again and eating healthier.

Here is where you have to decide. You are on the interstate driving the 25 minutest to work when you are thinking, "wow, how am I going to make it through the day?" So, of course your mind goes to the vitamin that you have been taking that seems to give you some kind of energy boost.
And you think, "Ahh, that will help for about 5 hours and I should wait to take that after lunch. What about the other 4 hours I am at work?!?!"

And, then you see the golden arches.

Do you fight through the day sacrificing the good work you do?


Do you stop and get the large Coke from Mcdonald's and sacrifice the weight you are already losing?

I stopped and got a Coke...mainly because I don't like to struggle through the day. Guess I am running just a little more tonight then I originally thought.

And, going to bed before dinner.


Chanda said...

Go for the diet Coke. You'll get used to the taste. But anyway...way to go with running! It feels great doesn't it?! I never thought I'd hear myself say that! Lol! We'll have to run a 5k together!

Anonymous said...

When in doubt, consume caffeine. In massive, unholy quantities if necessary.