Friday, August 7, 2009

What pictures are on YOUR phone?

Don't have a heart attack because I posted twice in one day... because I likely will stop posting for 6 months now that I have outdone myself.
I am starting a game... what pictures are on your phone!

These are my toes. I call it Bass Boat Blue because I cant remember the real name. I took this picture to send it to my friends Lorrie and Mika because they didn't believe that I would do anything other than pink, red, and a french pedi. And, my toes look cuter in person... less monkey like.
My mom brought me these hydrangeas one day at work. She cut them off her hydrangea bush. I love hydrangeas.
TOOO-lips! I lvoe tulips too! I had hydrangeas and tulips in my bouquet when I got married. (both were white)
This is a dog riding in the side car of a motorcycle. His tail would stop wagging at every redlight. And, the second they would start so would his tail. He loved it. And, he had a Harley shirt on.
This is Lorrie. We were on our way back from our cruise... and bless her heart. She was so tired. Here is Buckley's cute mug!

Here is the rainbow Husbandy and I saw on the way to dinner one night.

And because I am obcessed with my dog:

Here are the boys and girls bathroom signs in Germany.... for real.

Hope you enjoyed... take the time to do this... because I asked.

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Bonni said...

I would love to play this game with you except I had to give up my iphone when I came to NZ. My new phone.. Oh, it's like on of those 5 year old Nokia's I had during my high school years. I'm not kidding. It has that yellowish background with only black text. I'm pretty sure it doesn't take pictures. We are happy if it just lives day to day. And I share it with my husband (you would know him as Drew). I pretty much have gone back into the ways of the amish and I'm very proud of myself.