Friday, August 7, 2009

Normally, I like to think of myself as tidy

But, apparently, yesterday at 5:00, I was ready to leave work. See exhibit A.

A: Quotes that should have been filed... uhm, last week

B. Trade show notebook... should be back on the bookshelf because I don't need it until October.

C. note pad... I haven't used since February, but I did tear pages out of it yesterday.

D. UPS Waybill

E. Look at all those post-its!!!! Seriously, some have to be super old... will read shortly.

F. Target branch dried Fruit... because I am a grazer...

G. Water - left top open and at work so that I could not refill this morning.

H. Target brand "Caramel Cashew trail mix" you need to try it. It is crack.

I. Quotes TBD (to be done), waiting on info.

J. Thats the pile of papers that I cropped out on purpose because well, I dont know whats in there.

K. Look at all those writing utensils! Seriously, I must have picked up a new one everytime I wrote yesterday.

L. A box... with samples, thats been sitting there for a week... I dont have all the address info.

M. Drawer... left open... or it opened on its own. It really does that.

I try to limit myself to 2 stack of "stuff"... except for yesterday.

I felt like you all needed to see this... and I shouldn't have, I know.

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