Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Moo-Moos

First, let me say, that the Husbandy doesn't really care what I wear. I mean I never look skanky or like I am Vivan's friend on Pretty Woman so he doesn't have to worry.

However. Some of my favorite things to wear... he doesn't like them. You see, I love a good moo-moo. You can sit comfortably all day without a waist line digging into you. And, probably my favorite part, you dont have to suck in, at all!
These are the kind I love and he hates:

If he could burn all my moo-moos, he would be happy (and I would be without a wardrobe). And, in his wildest dreams (I hope that his wild dreams aren't about a dress...), I would be wearing one of these:

But, then again, Posh and I aren't really close anymore so I don't think she will let me have that dress now that she has worn it once.

And, I'm not that small anyways.

What do you wear that your special someone hates?

1 comment:

Chanda said...

He hates those, really? Those are considered muumuus? Well, your husbandy would hate my wardrobe, too! LOL!