Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flip My Kitchen

The kitchen is about 98% done.

Horrible wallpaper gone - check
Cabinets removed- check
New floor in place - check
New cabinets hung - check
New oven and microwave - check
Countertops installed - check
Hardware on all drawers and doors - semi-check (2 more doors)
Backsplash ordered - check
Backsplash arrived - nope
Backsplash installed - nope
Waiting on Home Depot - check

During my daily calls home while I was gone, I would get updates of what was going on. I could hear the sheer determination behind some serious frustration. In old houses, there is always something more. When you think, "oh, its as easy as..." thats when the old house laughs in your face and shows you wrong.

Example of this: There was an outlet behind on of the cabinets. I always wondered why there was only one outlet in the whole kichen and it was beside the stove. There was another outlet behind a metal backsplash. Because thats SO accessible! So, needless to say, 2 outlets were moved. (there were also plumbing issues)

Here are some during pictures:

And a sneak peek!

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