Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My wonderful, sweet Husbandy,

No, we are not pregnant.

But, there are days that I daydream about being pregnant or having a pretty young baby. In these daydreams, I think about you and how you will be with our children. When I think about being pregnant, I think about how you will take care of me and be so excited. I think about going in for an ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat for the first time. I think about how you will probably cry. And, just that thought makes me teary-eyed.

There are times when I want nothing more than to have a little girl. Just so that I can see how wrapped around her finger she will have you. I can see you all googley-eyed, just holding her as a baby, all wrapped up, talking to her, soothing her... making everything ok. My heart melts just thinking about it. I know that you will have the same relationship with our daughter that I have with my father. You will be at every ballet recital and cheer her on like you are at a football game. I know that she will worship the ground that you walk on and will come to you whenever she needs advice about life, in general. She will think that you can fix everything. You will be her hero... her Superman.

The other times, I see you with a little boy... for some reason, I daydream about an older boy... toddler-aged. I see you both rough housing and playing with footballs or baseballs. You adoring everything he does. And get fired up about things like he has a rocket arm or something. You get as excited as he does about doing things together. You guys will be buddies, enjoying every second that you get to spend together. I see you at the zoo with him on your shoulders... him in awe of the animals. I know that he will think that you can move mountains. I know that he will think that you are the master of every sport... like Bo Jackson or Charles Barkley. You will be his hero, too... his Superman.

Even if our children don't end up the way I daydream... If we have only girls or only boys, if our son doesn't play sports, if our daughter doesn't do ballet... You will still probably cry when you hear their heart beat for the first time. You will still be at every event they are part of cheering them on. They will still think you can fix every problem, at least a little bit. They will adore you unconditionally. And, you will still be their hero... their Superman.

I love you and I can't wait to see you with our babies... or baby... whatever God blesses us with.



Rambling Woman said...

Okay, you got me. I have tears in my eyes. What a sweet post! I can't wait until you two start a family!

Anonymous said...

Christine, this is so sweet that it made me cry. How blessed you are to have such a love!