Friday, February 6, 2009

The Stilleto and the Freckle on my Toe... Nail

Before I got married, I accidentally threw a stilleto into the quick of my big toe. It was dark and I was rummaging through a pile of stilletoes...

Anyways, I didn't realize that it was bleeding that day until I got to work and realized... "gosh, my toe feels wet." Besides throwing a stilleto on your toe always hurts. I cleaned it up and never once thought, "Man, thats going to leave a mark." Until it did. It left a blood spot in my toe nail.

I did this about 4 months before my wedding. So, by the time my wedding rolled around the blood spot was in the middle of my toe nail. The day before my wedding I met some of my bridesmaids for a little mani and pedi action at my favorite Nail Bar. After the glorification routine, my maid of honor, Bonni, was admiring my french pedi and all the sudden she says, "I didn't know you had a freckle on your toe!" to which I replied, "Well, you can have one, too. All you have to do is throw a stilleto on your toe."

The freckle is about to grow out... and I hate to admit it... but I am sad. I have come to love my toe freckle. It's cute. I know this is lame, but really I like it. I told Bonni that I was sad about my freckle growing out last night and she asked me what I had been drinking.

I am thinking about throwing the same stilleto at my toe again... think of it as a tattoo...with only one needle... a really big one.

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Anonymous said...

Christine, I was laughing out loud at this! How funny!!