Monday, December 1, 2008

Too Much Perfume

Don't get me wrong, I like perfume. I don't wear it everyday and I don't wear it on evere date the hubs and I go on.

But, I can not stand it when people wear too much perfume. Like right now, I sit about 30 feet away from our receptionist... in my own office. And I can smell her perfume. I like the smell of it, but she went over kill and its making me have a pounding headache.

Really, its a pet peeve. But, I shouldn't have to deal with a headache because someone OVERLY likes their perfume.

Same rule goes for the guys, too.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I HATE this! A lady was sitting behind me in church the other day, and I had to continually fan myself to get some breathable air!

I agree, its not the smell itself, but the strength of the smell that bothers me.