Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How Come...

How come at about 4:00... an hour before I leave work, I hit this point of "ahh, what can I do for an hour?" Then, I preoccupy myself with something that may or may not have something to do with my job. And then, 4:45 hits and I panic... not that I have anything to do except make copies and finish logging stuff into our accounting program... I mean, all the excel spreadsheets.

I am very efficient at my job... to a fault pretty much. I find myself waiting for stuff all the time.

So, why don't I log stuff and then do whatever to preoccupy me and then not have an anuerism? Well, in reality... it takes me about 10 minutes to log about 10 quotes in the said excel sheets and about 2 minutes to make copies (that are pointless).

Really there is no need to panic. But, hey, I gotta get the adrenaline running so that I can make it home in the wild 5:00 traffic.

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