Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh So Excited

Buckley Update: After a weekend stay at the vet, things seemed to be MUCH better. However, just when you think everything is going well it seems like something happens. On Thursday morning, Buckley woke up at 6:00 AM (with my alarm clock) and got sick. I called the vet when they opened and they wanted him to come back in. So, we went back to our second home to have the vet take a look. First, let me say, our vet loves, loves, loves our Buckley. It was like a reunion when we go there. Anyways, poor little Buckley has a severe stomach lining irratation. So, they gave us another round of medicine and told us to keep him on the watered-down, canned dog food... gross. Its a nasty concoction, but if it stays down then I am fine with it. Everything has stayed down, so far. Let me tell you though, I wake up every time that dog moves at night. Now, we have to work on gaining some weight back. He got pretty skinny last week. Thats our next challenge for our bouncing, calorie burning dog.

In other news, my Mom had some routine surgery earlier this week... Buckley and her both were drugged, tired, and sleeping on Monday. She, too, is home and doing very well. Hopefully, she can stay as inactive as her doctors would like for her to stay. She is one active woman.... and Hubs wonders where I get it from....

I am so excited that its Friday. The best part is that Husbandy and I have not planned one thing for this weekend. We might watch the UT vs. Vandy game. But, we'll lose so we might not. I can't wait to sleep a little late tomorrow.

My brother is supposed to be coming in town tomorrow morning so it will be nice to see him. I haven't seen him since my wedding!

Other exciting stuff... Thanksgiving... stuffing my face next week. And, I only have to work 2.5 days next week. Ahh, a week with more weekend than work days. Thats truly heaven.

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