Monday, November 24, 2008

The Kitchen... and house

This is what I was thinking about this morning....

I have been working on preparing the kitchen for the face lift. This weekend seems like primo weekend for that. So, I was peeling the little bits of wall paper off the wall and making sure all the adhesive was off when I noticed... through a bad paint job... that the horrible wall paper is throughout the whole kitchen! Someone just painted over it on 2.5 walls. I would just continue to paint over it, but my OCD self already started peeling the parts that I could see off... so, now I kind of half to at least finish the one wall that I have been nit-picking on.

I am considering finishing the one wall, however, I am scared that because it peels off so easily that if I put another coat of paint on it that it will just peel right off with the new coat of paint. I guess I am peeling more off.

Other things on the house to do list:
Weather stripping for all doors leading to outdoors
Paint bathroom... a little tricky given that its the only one.
New awnings
Tile for the mud room
Fix lights on back of house

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