Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Addiction to Bad TV

I am completely addicted to The Hills... for no reason other than I have to watch the trainwreck known as Heidi and Spencer. I want to believe that she is a kind-hearted, smart girl and just is brainwashed by her wicked boyfriend.... now, husband. Yes, thats true. They are now united as one big trainwreck. It might be as bad as Britney's wreck. Anyways, I am beginning to wonder how kind-hearted she actually is. Could she be as evil as Spencer?

I want Heidi to wake up and smell the roses... and realize how she has been torn away from all family and friends. But, maybe she is actually showing her true colors?

I also realized that I want a sister.

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Rambling Woman said...

I am addicted too! Oh well. We could be addicted to much worse t.v. like Jerry Springer or something!
Spencer is a big 'ol douche! I know, terrible word, but oh so appropriate! I can't stand the guy! And what's up with Audrina? She's really getting on my nerves!
And by the way, you have lots of sisters...me included! Love you!