Friday, October 10, 2008

Socially UNacceptable

My friend Katie and I developed our own meaning to these words about a year and a half ago.

Katie and I had been out with friends some where and all of the sudden I had this overwelming desire to drop my glass on the floor. It was a hard floor or some kind and the glass would have shattered... and my glass wasnt empty either. The best part would be walking away as if nothing happened. While everyone is running to the broken glass, I would smile and walk away.

Other examples include the extreme desire to scream for no reason in a crowd of quiet people. Like in a church. And then, return to the quiet, hands folded in your lap person that you should be in such a setting.

It became a huge joke between us and eventually when she told her mom about it, her mom fessed up and said she has the same desire. Except hers was even more extreme. While shopping for china or plates she has the desire to throw them all on the floor. Can you imagine the sight? A normal person walks into a china shop and while walking around throws every pattern that she doesn't like on the floor... shattering them. I imagine the sales person as extremely snoody and just standing there gawking and so stunned that she is completely without action. Its a hilarious picture in my head.

So, Katie got married a little over a year ago. I kept threatening her that I was going to talk her mom into tossing a glass or better yet a plate full of food on the dance floor and then continuing as if nothing had happened. It didn't happen. But, I thought about it alot.

The best part of the whole thing is other peoples reaction while you pretend there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happening.

Maybe I will drop a glass in the kitchen here at work...

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