Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shorter Days

I struggle through winter. Mainly because the days are so short. I wake up at 6 and am at work at 7:30. Around this time of year, I always notice that I tend to "oversleep" more. Its not that I sleep thorugh the alarm clock... I just seem to hit the snooze more than I should. Even worse than that, its not even that I am asleep... I just don't want to get out of bed.

Then, midwinter hits and we are in the shortest days of the year and its dark when I arrive at work and its dark when I get home from work... about 5:30. Its awful and I dread it already. Its still fall and still light until about 7:30 right now, but I am seriously thinking about rearranging my work schedule so that I wont come and leave in the dark this winter.

On a more exciting note. We are supposed to get our furniture today. I won't believe it until its there and I have signed for it... which I dont plan on doing until I check the receipt to the invoice. At this point, us getting our furniture is just too good to be true. And, you know what they say about that...


Anonymous said...

There is something so unholy about being awake before the sun is up...unless you're going to a horse show! I remember those days, and I loved getting to the barn early before the sun was already up, especially when the weather was cold and the horses were so warm. I miss that!

Good luck with the furniture. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it all works out your way. :)

tanuj solanki said...

I never remember the 'hitting the snooze' moment when I wake up. Do you?