Thursday, October 2, 2008


Remember the cat from yesterday? Well, I was sitting at a red light near our house when I looked in my rear view mirror.... and the cat was running across the road. Who could mistake that fuffy tail? I'm being stalked by a cat.

My car let me know that it was really cold this morning for this first time this fall... it said it was 43 degrees outside... its chilly. And, I left my sunroof open last night. So, it was really cold in my car this morning. Good thing I leave for work before the dew has completely settled.

They paved a major road near our house last night... it was glorious part of my drive this morning. It was in really bad shape before yesterday. If there was a manhole, you knew it.

I am only at work for 3.5 hours today. Thank goodness. I'm calling today Friday.

Still don't have a clue what to be for Halloween.

I really wanted to stop by McDonald's this morning to get a chicken biscuit. But I didn't, and now I am eating dry cereal and drinking a water. Breakfast of champs!

I weighed myself this morning and I am almost back to my wedding day weight... which is why I didn't stop at McDonald's.

Its really cold in our office... my hands are freezing!

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Anonymous said...

That is super creepy about the cat!
Our offices are freezing too...thank God for space heaters!
And I'm proud of you for not stopping at McDonalds. Dieting sucks, and I totally would not have had the willpower to say no to the chicken biscuit. Way to go, Christine!