Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Makeover Time

Its almost winter... so, what do I start doing? Making over the house. Our house is about 90 years old so some of its fun, some of it is not fun, and some of it has no evidence of ever being done.

Last year, the husbandy had all the ceilings re-done. (Evidence of being done, but not fun) the old ceilings were plaster and cracking. Now, we have sheet rock, smooth ceilings. Which is nice... again, not so exciting though. I had nothing to do with this... he did buy this house before we met so this was his project.

Two years ago, I painted the husbandy's (at the time boyfriend) bedroom. The poor man bought the house, moved in and never took down the terrible floral print curtains. The walls were sponge painted yellow. And not a pretty yellow... it just looked dingy. He always kept telling me that he wanted a red room. So, its red now. I painted it while he was in Chicago for work training. It took forever and I will never paint another room red ever again. One coat of regular primer, and one coat of tinted primer, and 3 coats of paint. Its pretty... I like it, but I am going to have to paint over it again when we decide to put the house for sale... it might be a good enough reason to not move for a while.

The year before... well, we had just started dating... I wasn't about to do something to his house.

This past spring, we tore down a shed that was behind the garage (detached... not fun in the cold mornings). We also painted the laundry/mud room (it was this gawdawful teal/cucumber green color). Its now a lovely tan with white trim.

We have almost finished every room in the house... the bonus room is fine just the way it is and the laundry room needs tile, but thats about it.... except for the kitchen.

Its a whole stuck-in-the-70's/bad 90's mix. Its bad. Real bad. Take the same teal/cucumber color from the laundry room, add some horrible mauve, and a pink... and there you have the wallpaper. Now, add that wall paper to the doors... yep, they wallpapered the doors...and the lightswitch covers. They were really proud of a horrid print.

So, I have big plans for the first week of November. The hubs is going to some more training... leaving me lots of time to do the kitchen. I am going to paint the walls a gray-blue...lighter and more blue than gray. The cabinets are going to magically be white... (magically = me sanding, painting and painting them). Then, I am going to add a Steel backsplash... they have these things at Lowes that are super cheap and really good looking. And, if I work it all right I will have a new countertop.

Here is where I have a problem. The stove that is currently in our kitchen is from the pre-electric ages... ok, not really, but it might have been one of the first electric stoves ever made. And, its about 4 feet wide. No joke. Its dumb. Especially because the flipping kitchen is no longer than 12 feet. Who came up with the bright idea of a galley kitchen? They only belong on submarines. You can fit about one other person in the kitchen and you still bump into them. Anyways, back to the stove... I would LOVE to replace it and then add a over the range microwave... thus eliminating the LARGE hood that goes with our McD's supersized oven and stove. But, then, that means I have to modify the cabinets which I am not sure I have the budget for especially after a new stove and microwave. But it would mean a new stove/oven, new microwave, more counter space (the microwave wouldnt take up a whole counter), and more cabinet space... which our kitchen lacks.

Oh, if I only won the lottery more often... or at all.

Stay tuned for pictures... only they can describe the horrible-ness of the wallpaper.

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I am DYING to see pictures of this lol!