Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kitchen Update

Most of the wallpaper is off... but don't worry. I took pictures of the awful walpaper before it was completely gone. The wallpaper pealing started one night while I was waiting for water to boil to make some pasta. I was admiring the ugliness of the wallpaper when I realized a corner was pealing under the hood above the stove... so I pealed it off... and a whole HUGE piece came off. And thus, the beginning of the kitchen re-do. Paint will be bought Sunday more than likely. Husbandy leaves Sunday afternoon for training... hopefully, in a week I will have a new kitchen.

Here is the awful wallpaper... I had already begun to peal it off.

And because no one actually believes that the door was wallpapered... here is the proof.

Yeah, its sideways, but I can't figure out how to make it not sideways. You can also see the 4 ft. stove/oven


Anonymous said...

The door was wallpapered?!?!

Rambling Woman said...

Nice wallpaper! Have fun painting!