Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Two years ago, the husbandy and I were Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife for Halloween. It was hilarious and we got the best costume for couples. We had fun putting the costume together and dressing ridiculously together. We did a really good job with it. I mean we went as far as getting silly string spray in place of Dog's pepper spray.

This year, I am struggling to come up with anything. And, actually, the hubs came up with the Dog idea... so I guess that means I am not good at coming up with costume ideas.

What was the best costume idea you have ever had? Or seen?

Dog and Beth Bounty Hunter:

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Anonymous said...

The best Halloween costumes I ever saw were last Halloween, this couple I know dressed up as Flavor Flav and New York. The guy wore a huge hat and a viking helmet with the horns, the girl just looked really slutty lol. But it was pretty hilarious.