Monday, October 20, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

One of my favorite things of my typcial morning is the Entertainment 4-1-1 "at 11 past... every hour... unless we're running late" on Sirius channel 1. I can't help it, but I have to know who is getting a divorce (Guy and Madonna), what Britney has done now, and whose dog has accupuncture (which really isn't that crazy to me... we've done it to horses at the barn for a long time).

Its almost better than picking up the daily tabloid. The girl that does this update "at 11 past... every hour" is seriously good at her job. I mean everyone knew that Madonna was having a fling with A-rod, but she knows a whole lot of good gossip. My new favorite one (that I am considering investigating further) is that Lauren Conrad (from the Hills) was seen pal'lin around with Heidi Montag... I have 2 questions about this... 1. will it be covered completely on the Hills and 2. Is Speidi no more? I really think Spencer is awful and Heidi is unaware. It would be a good thing.

We pay $14.00/month for the husbandy and my subscription. The Entertainment 4-1-1 is worth every penny. Guilty pleasure 456 million. (Right next to candy-corn pumpkins, and chicken biscuits from McDonalds).

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Rambling Woman said...

Spencer is the worst! He makes my skin crawl! Hills tonight!!!