Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We are getting the furniture that we ordered in June.

UGH! What an ordeal! We went to Knoxville Wholesale in June, found bedroom furniture, were told it would deliverable in two weeks, so we ordered it. And paid for it in full... in cash. Lesson learned... we will NOT do that again!

A month later, the husbandy called to check on it... and was told we have to deal directly with the sales person that sold us the furniture. So, the salesman called hubs back and gave him some story and said it would be there in 2 weeks.

Two weeks later, I called. Here is the story I got... it was back ordered after orders were filled... we were next on the list and its on its way... from China. Which means 4 more weeks.

One month later, I called again. Yes, you're right, the salesman had yet to call us to tell us about our order. I was furious. So, the story is something similar to the story I got the last time. And, he tried to give me a run around about containers that come from China... what he didn't know is that I deal with containers that come from China on a bi-weekly basis. When I let him in on this little secret he turned to blaming it on the Olympics... to which I told him that we hadn't had any issues with containers coming out of China during that time. Thats when he stopped with the excuses. I proceeded to tell the salesman that I thought his salesmanship was poor and that when I have an order that is running late, I am the first one to call the customer and rarely does the customer ever have to call me to find out the status of an order. Especially, when he has now had his comission from our order since June. I kept telling him how close we were to coming and getting our money back how disappointed I was in him until he eventually said, "You're right, Christine. What can I do to make it right?" So, I said "Well, we only ordered one night stand, but two would be nice. And, next time our order is late, you better call us before we call you." So, a free night stand later I am satisfied to wait another month.

So, the one more month was up yesterday... and believe it or not... he called me. At 9:30. However, he didn't have good news... but I fully expected bad news so I wasn't disappointed. He said 3 more weeks and if I wanted to come get my money back he would fully understand. I told him that I would have to talk to the hubs and get back to him.

I called the husbandy. We both did not know whether to give up hope and go find something else that we liked or just wait a little longer since we had already waited this long. So, we left it with lets think about it.

So, we did. But, before we could come to any kind of solution my phone rang again... surprisingly, it was the salesman. I did make the smart remark that I hadn't ever talked to him so much in one day... he chuckled awkwardly. haha. Anyways, he said, "Good news!" I thought... you've never had good news, why start now? But, I kept that to myself. Turns out he shopped around to other places and found another store that had our set of furniture and would like to deliver it Thursday. Yes, I know, I won't believe it until its set up in our house. But its nice to think it might be here in 2 days.

It will be nice to have a head board... and since we are getting rid of the other dresser that means it has to be cleaned out... which means I get some more drawers!!!!

It will be a good day in our house on Thursday. And maybe this Tuesday is shaping up to be ok.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, I would have killed somebody! I have no patience for stuff like this. But I guess it just goes to show that paying everything up front is not a good idea! I've had really bad experiences with Knoxville Wholesale before, but I bought my living room furniture deep discount from Brown Squirrel, and they were wonderful to deal with!

Rambling Woman said...

I agree with Britni. I like Brown Squirrel too. They have great prices and a large selection. I hope you get your stuff tomorrow!