Tuesday, October 28, 2008

College and the TTT

College was seriously one of the more fun chapters of my life.

Freshman year, I was actually studious and did well. My GPA was at one of its highest points during my freshman year. I lost 10 pounds, joined a sorority, had friends, and life was good.

Then came sophomore year… it was fun beyond anything I thought possible. And it all began at Rush Retreat before school started. I was put in the skit for a round of rush… dancing none the less. We were Backstreet Boys or N Sync. I can’t remember which one. We were doing a play on TRL from MTV. All the words were changed to fit our sorority… we still make fun of it today. My favorite was they tried to get us to do a sorority version of “Baby Got Back.” We were entirely too white for that. Doing this skit is where Katie and I really became friends… united in being not so happy about having to do the same dance 453 million times a day until Rush. And because I was friends with Katie… I was friends with Becky. And some where in the mix Jennifer was added in the group. Rush Retreat is basically boarding school to learn how to get girls to be in your sorority. They locked us up in a hotel in a part of Sevierville that there was nothing to do. So, that lead us to do the weirdest, most high school things at night. One night, Katie displayed her best “Louisa” accent. “Louisa” was from Brooklyn or some part of New York… that lead to prank calling. We prank called about every person that was in our cell phones. It was hysterical. The guys we pranked were the best. She would pretend that she had met them at a bar and they had some kind of fling and they would freak out. It worked every time.

Being sophomores in our sorority you were required to live on the sorority floor in the sorority dorm… more than 12 girls in a house in Tennessee is considered a brothel. I lived down the hall from Becky and Katie and we were always into something. Becky and Katie’s room was the “get ready to go out” room. Before football games, formals, going out for the night… about an hour before hand you could find us there. From sorority formals (especially that Spring) and anything else we got into we were constantly being called to our sorority standards… we were always up to no good. Between the three of us, we probably got called to standards (the principle) more than the rest of the sorority combined. It became a joke because we were called for pointless things like going on spring break or holding a beer while we wore our sorority t-shirt.

We made few trips to UVA to visit Becky’s boyfriend… which is where were named the Tennessee Trio. The name stuck and we still call us that today, but we added another T to it and became the Terrific Tennessee Trio… complete with hand signs courtesy of our friend, Brian (just make the timeout sign 3 times). I got in more trouble (never serious and amazingly never involved the police) that year than I had in my whole life. But, we had fun. And my GPA suffered. It dropped so much that my parents made me go to a community college my junior year.

But don’t worry… we picked up right were we left off as soon as I came back senior year. These girls were a huge part of my college life and we had so much fun. One day, Becky will live in the same city as Katie and I again… she has to be the overly smart one and go back to school for more letters after her name.

And, here we are at Katie's wedding:


Anonymous said...

Where does the time go...?

Rebecca said...

Awwwww! I miss college! Long live the TTT! I love you and miss you. Will come visit as soon as I can.


P.S. The funniest thing about being called to standards is that I was supposed to be the one in charge of the standards board. Making me EVP was the worst mistake Sigma Kappa ever made :0