Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Black Cats and Superstition

I have never considered myself to be superstitious. I was a psychology major in college and I learned that all superstition is the reinforcement of positive or negative behaviors and beliefs. So, I'm not.

But this morning, I might be... a little. As I backed around the corner of the house and down the driveway, there was a black cat in my rearview mirror. Which would be fine if I knew this cat or had at least seen it around the neighborhood, but I don't and I haven't. So, I backed a little more thinking that like other animals it would run the other way... away from me and not to where I would have to cross it's path... yes, I had already thought about that at this point. But, no, the cat just sat there. So, I pulled up and straightened a bit and when I did this the cat walked straight across the driveway. At this point, I noticed that the cat had a full ear and a half of the other... and had been shaved about a month or two ago. A cat that has been shaved in the recent past is never an attractive thing. It had the huge poofy tail and shorter hair on his body. Poor cat. It was obviously a long hair until its owner got sick of mats or whatever. Anyways, it FINALLY made its way into my neighbors side yard and I backed out of the driveway and headed to work. The following thoughts crossed my mind all the way to work (a 30 min drive):
- What if I get in a wreck, I am doomed to be superstitious from now on.
- Its October 1st.
- Oh, I forgot to put my new tag on my license plate... hope I don't get pulled over.
- How weird that on this first day of October I have an encounter with a black cat that I have never seen before.
- Gah, people are really slow today, probably has something to do with my luck.

The psychologist are right, reinforced behavior and beliefs make you superstitious. And I might be a little bit now. Great.

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